About Us

Kent Lowe started Lowe Promotions in 1991 in the back of his car with a hand full of catalogs. In 1993, as head of sales, distribution and finance, Kent was doing it all. Every client of Kentís received his personalized service to achieve his reputation of excellent customer service.

As the business grew, so did the volume of each of Kentís duties. Then Judy Lowe came along and saved the day! Judy, Kentís wife,has been his trusty side-kick at Lowe promotions since 1999.

Kent and Judy have been Lowe Promotions ever since. As the years have passed, the business has grown with leaps and bounds. Shannon's smiling voice is there to help you too! Even with growth, we are still able to give the same personalized service we did when we started Lowe Promotions.

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